Great Hall

Great Hall, Nottingham University

Great Hall

Apollo Lighting supply control systems for many and varied locations from small church halls and town halls through to theatres and larger concert venues.

Refreshing existing lighting installations with up to date, more fully integrated solutions allow venue proprietors and staff to provide a professional, comfortable and enjoyable experience for their audiences and clientelle. Added value is made available to venue operators when hiring out their function spaces to customers without having to provide complex or convoluted instructions.

A well conceived and configured lighting control system is essential in providing energy efficient installations by including multiple lighting levels and scenes to maximise the utility of the space for the required activity.

An example of a multi-use function space is the Great Hall at the University of Nottingham. This facility is used for many activities ranging from the administration of university exams to hosting theatrical performances and concert recitals.

The installation features a centrally managed console with local switches at each entrance. The DALI system is configured with scene recall settings tailored specifically to the end user's preferences. Ancillary spaces and adjacent walkways are all included in the coverage offered by the main system.

Great Hall 1

Using a router system, when one unit fails, the device can be replaced and the router can reset the programming in an individual unit thanks to the autoheal function.

Equipment Used