Firing Range

Fife Constabulary Firing Range

Firing Range

Fife Police Constabulary were looking for a full lighting solution for their firing range. With very specific and exacting requirements, Apollo Lighting were able to design a complete DALI based system that fully implemented each aspect of the challenging project.

Firing Range 1

Lighting levels pre-described in CIBSE guidelines were achieved for each target by using carefully located constant light detectors integrally mounted within custom luminaires. Each lane has individually variable illumination up to 2000lux to match firing conditions.

Luminaires are positioned at each of eight distance markers along the length of the range, along with red and green indicator lights also switched by the control system.

Firing Range 2

Entry to the range is managed by linking door lock mechanisms to firing indicators, restricting access to unauthorised personnel at critical times.

Firing Range 3

A bespoke central management console manufactured by Apollo Lighting and containing all necessary control devices completes the unique installation.