Bridlington Spa Theatre

Bridlington Spa Theatre, Bridlington, North Yorkshire

Bridlington Spa Theatre is a multi-use complex and has a 3000 occupancy concert venue and a 400 seat theatre. Apollo Lighting supplied all the lighting control for the entire building, from the offices to the installation lighting in both the concert hall and the theatre.

Breakout Areas

Breakout Areas

There are various breakout areas supporting the main concert venue, these are used for corporate entertainment as well as bar spaces. Each of the breakout areas has a dimmer pack installed which controls multiple channels to create various different lighting scenes as required by the end user. There are control switches behind the bars to allow the staff to alter the scene selection. Putting the switches behind the bars prevents any unauthorised people from changing the lighting in the space.


Spa Offices

These utilised stand alone detectors to provide daylight regulation to dim the luminaires down when sufficient daylight is present. These were built into the continuous run Apollo Lighting Hallward luminaire.

Reception And Bar Area

Reception Area 1
Reception Area 2

This is the main entrance which also houses the cafe bar area overlooking the North Sea. This area has the same dimmer pack as installed in the breakout areas. This has the addition of the colour change cove lighting running on DMX control. The same switching philosophy is employed with the switches being behind the bar and the reception counter.

Royal Hall

Royal Hall 1

The Royal Hall presented many different challenges with regards to the lighting control system due to various factors such as the size of the space, the quantity of luminaires used, the colour change units requested and the interfacing with the theatrical lighting desk.

Royal Hall 2

There are multiple dimmer packs housed in the staff only access corridors running up to 16 channels of control each. There are two DMX networks, one to run the T5 colour changing feature lighting in the central dome and one to run the Tri-Chip LED fittings behind each of the windows running floor to ceiling at the front of the space. Various scene recall plates are installed around the venue in locked wall boxes. These give a choice of various scenes. The Apollo Lighting engineers worked closely with the theatre staff to ensure the lighting operators of stage shows had enough control of the house lights, creating scenes to suit every mood and event, from rock concerts to conferences to televised darts tournaments.

Spa Theatre

Spa Theatre

This area was fitted with the same dimmer packs as those used elsewhere on the project. The dimmer pack has 6 channels of phase cutting dimming allowing for the original wall lights to be retained. The rest of the area has switches located in locked cupboards and also located in the control booth. DMX is also received from the theatrical house desk to allow the luminaires to be seamlessly integrated when the space is being used for a theatrical show.