Single Push To Make Switch for Touch Dim and Switch Dim


The DC1PM is a digital dimming controller comprising a single push to make, 10A, single pole, two way switch. This switch is used to operate high frequency digital SwitchDIM / Touch and Dim dimmable luminaires. The unit is suitable for use with flush or surface mounting single gang boxes.

The DC1PM can control up to 20 SwitchDIM or up to 28 Touch and Dim luminaires. The dimming range is from 100% down to the minimum which is dependant upon the ballast used in the luminaires.

Order Code

  • DC1PM


DC1PM Dimensions
72 72


Nominal Current10A
TypeSingle gang
Single pole
Momentary Push operation
Terminal Capacity4.0mm²
A Terminal is provided on metal plate for earth connection
MountingSingle gang 72mm x 72mm x 41mm BS box (not supplied)


DC1PM Wiring Diagram
Wiring diagram showing mains supply, switch and luminaire.