Gem 3 Controller


The G100/3 has been specifically designed for use with the Apollo Lighting Gem 3 luminaire, in order to meet the three lighting level requirements necessary for intensive care overbed illumination.

  1. 'General' lighting appropriate for day to day observation and care without discomfort to patients
  2. 'Night' lighting appropriate for observation requirements with minimum disturbance to sleeping patients
  3. High intensity 'examination' lighting levels for close observation and treatment

Suitable for flush or surface mounting installation as required.


  • To achieve general lighting as described above, press the left hand switch
  • To achieve night lighting, set the required dimmed level via the rotary controller on the left hand switch
  • To achieve high intensity examination lighting turn on the right hand switch. The right hand switch overrides the left switch and rotary controller to give full light output, regardless of the previous setting of the luminaire
  • In order to avoid accidental loss of light during critical situations, once activated, the high intensity examination level will be maintained until both switches are turned off. This will reset the luminaire ready for normal operation

Order Code

  • G100-3


G100-3 Dimensions
90 90



Rotary Switch Contacts1A resistive rating
Rotary Switch Terminals4 screw terminals (two for the 1–10V DC and two for the 240V mains switch)
Red Mains Switch Contacts20A nominal rating, single gang, single pole, two way
Red Mains Switch Terminals4.0mm² conductors
MountingSuitable for installation on 72 x 72 x 41mm deep single gang back box (not supplied)


G100-3 Wiring Diagram