Switches and Dimmers

In this section you will be able to find small control devices for managing ballasts and drivers.

The range covers sliders and rotary controls capable of controlling up to four channels. Each device can control different quantities of light fittings.

The switches and dimmers we offer can be used to provide simple control in various areas, from a small meeting room to medium size offices, we also offer a range of dedicated hospital over-bed controllers which are suitable for the Apollo Lighting range of healthcare luminaires.

Here is a quick comparison chart of the units within this section.

Feature Matrix

  • At A Glance
  • Selection Filter

At A Glance

Touch Dim / Switch Dim
Number of Ballasts
DC100Dimmable:60, Switchable:15
DC101Dimmable:50, Switchable:20
G100-31 x Gem 3
MC1001 x Multicare
MC2001 x Multicare
DC1PMSwitchDIM:20, Touch and Dim:28
MD225 Each Channel
MD325 Each Channel
MD425 Each Channel

Selection Filter

Reset Filters
  • 1 Channel Rotary Dimmer
  • 1 Channel Slider
  • Gem 3 Controller
  • Analogue Multicare Controller
  • Digital Multicare Controller
  • Single Push To Make Switch for Touch Dim and Switch Dim
  • 1 Channel Slider
  • 2 Channel Slider
  • 3 Channel Slider
  • 4 Channel Slider