Adjustable Recessed Microwave Dimming Occupancy Detector


The ASENS-C3MW-PRO is a recess mounted microwave occupancy detector, ideally suited to controlling all types of switchable lighting. The detector has an adjustable sensor head that allows the area of detection to be optimised for each particular purpose. When movement is detected, the luminaires are switched on. When an area is no longer occupied, the luminaires will switch off after an adjustable period of time. The detector can be changed from presence to absence detection by using the external switch or the ASENS-CHSLCD.

The internal light sensor provides additional energy saving potential by integrating photocell holdoff. When an area is occupied, lighting is only switched on when the level of natural light falls below a preset level.

The ASENS-C3MW-PRO has two channel capability for use with both digital dimming and switched lighting loads. For example, in a classroom, the window row of luminaires can be dimmed down according to daylight detection and the rest of the luminaires are switched on and off only. Two input terminals can be used to manually override the dimming levels and also override the luminaires on and off.

The functionality of the ASENS-C3MW-AD is controlled by a number of parameters which can be accessed using an infrared remote control such as the ASENS-CHSLCD.

Order Code





Sensitivity: Max; Angle: 80°

30m 6m 2.6m

Sensitivity: 80%; Angle: 80°

25m 6m 2.6m

Sensitivity: Max; Angle: 0°

22m 6m 2.6m


ASENS-C3MW-PRO Dimensions
85 92 74


  • Site as far away as posible from any lighting or ventilation equipment
  • Do not install in or on to a vibrating surface
  • Do not fix to a suspended luminaire
  • Site as far away as possible from the surface of metal objects
Supply Voltage220–240V AC ±10%, 50Hz
Channel 1 Load10A fluorescent, low voltage, LED
Channel 2 LoadMaximum number of digital dimming ballasts = 10 (relay enabled)
Maximum number of digital dimming ballasts = 20 (relay disabled)
Dimming output is not SELV, Mains rated cabling must be used
Light LevelLight to dark
Terminal Capacity2.5mm²
TimeoutAdjustable 10 seconds to 99 minutes
Optional adjustment by remote control
Temperature-10°C to 35°C
MaterialFlame retardant ABS Class 2
Compliance and StandardsEMC-89/336/EEC
CE Marked


The microwave radiation emitted by these units is extremely low power. At a distance of greater than 50mm, the power density is less than 6% of the ANSI IEEE C95.1-1991 recommended power density. At a distance of 5mm from the unit it is less than 84% of the recommended power density.

Regional Variations

Note. The frequency of the microwave generator in this product is fixed and should only be used in the UK, China, India, Middle East, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. For other areas, please contact us.


Wiring Diagram 1 : Switch And Dim Together

ASENS-C3MW-PRO Wiring Diagram

Switches the luminaire with occupancy detection and maintains illuminance. Dims and switches using a centre biased retractive switch.

Wiring Diagram 2 : Switch And Dim Together

ASENS-C3MW-PRO Wiring Diagram

Where there is a requirement for the luminaires to stay on dim instead of turning off, then use the dimming pair to both switch and dim. A value greater than zero in the 'off value' parameter will achieve a minimum dimmed level for the off state.

Wiring Diagram 3 : Switch And Dim Separately

ASENS-C3MW-PRO Wiring Diagram

Switches both channels with occupancy, maintains illuminance, dims and switches the dimming channel using the single position retractive switch 2. Switches the switching channel on and off using the single position switch 1.

Wiring Diagram 4 : Two Channel, Common Switch

ASENS-C3MW-PRO Wiring Diagram

Switches both channels with occupancy. Maintains illuminance, dims and switches the dimming channel using the centre biased retractive switch.

Wiring Diagram 5 : Single Switch Only

ASENS-C3MW-PRO Wiring Diagram

Switches channel 1 only with occupancy, optional override switch, no dimming output.