Touch and Dim

Touch dim is a simple mains switching dimmable control. Using a push to make retractive switch, the light source can switched on and off as well as dimming the load up and down.

A simple short press on the push switch toggles the light source on and off. A long press toggles between fading the light source up and down.


  • Simple
  • Easy to wire and install
  • Inexpensive and easy to source switches
  • No commissioning or set up required
  • Control cables are standard mains cables and can be run in the same containment as mains supply cables
  • Simple control from multiple control points


  • Limited control resolution, not able to give accurate control
  • Limited to one group per control circuit


No specialist cables are requried for touch and dim systems. They have to be mains rated as they are carrying mains voltages. The cables do not have to be segregated from the supply cables, a multi-core cable is suitable for installing this type of dimming.

Touch_and_Dim Wiring Diagram