Integral Microwave Presence Detector


This detector is an active motion microwave detector with adjustable sensitivity, daylight detection and timeout period. The detector emits high frequency electro-magnetic energy and receives the echo from movements in the detection zone. An internal microprocessor then triggers and connects the load to the supply.

While there is movement in the detection zone, the sensor will hold the load on. The sensor can be adjusted so that when movement stops, the load will switch off (or return to a dimmed level after a specified delay time).

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The range is the distance of the circular detection zone produced on the ground in an open area adjacent to where the sensor is mounted.

Minimum range (approx. 2m) is achieved with the sensitivity control turned fully anticlockwise.

Maximum range (approx. 10m) is set with the control turned full clockwise.

Note: The above detection distances are based on a person who is between 1.6m and 1.7m tall moving at a speed of 1.0 to 1.5m/sec. Detection range will differ depending on the height and stature of a person moving within the detection zone and reduced if detecting movement through building structures (glass, partitions, etc.).


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Supply Voltage230V, 50Hz
Transmission System5.8gHz CW Radar, ISM Band
Transmission Output<0.2mW
Detection Angle360°
Power Consumption0.5W Typical
TimeoutAdjustable from 8 seconds to 12 minutes