DALI 7 Button Switch


The DDC135 is a seven button switch marked with the numbers 1 to 4, an up, a down and a O button.

Typically the numbered buttons are programmed to recall different scenes, the up button is usually fade up, the down button is usually down and the O button is programmed to switch light sources off. Different program functions can also be assigned to each individual button. A fade time is also programmed on to the buttons.

Buttons can be programmed to perform many functions including;

  • Scene recall
  • Recall and store a scene
  • Fade up or down
  • Recall maximum or minimum
  • Initialise or stop emergency tests (if using DALI addressable emergency)

Key Features

  • Indicator LED and an infrared receiver
  • Out of the box operation


  • Double Mounting Frame for Square Button Switches
  • Single Mounting Frame for Square Button Switches


DDC135 Dimensions
48.5 35.5 32


  • DALI 2 Button Switch On and Off
  • DALI 2 Button Switch Up and Down
  • DALI 5 Button Switch
  • DALI 8 Button Switch
  • DALI 4 Button Switch


  • To be installed in a standard UK back box
  • Additional fascias required
DALI Supply Input13–22.5V
DALI Consumption10mA
Module Weight41g
Ambient Temperature10°C to 35°C
Storage Temperature-10°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity90% max, non-condensing
IP RatingIP30 (IP00 at connections)
Compliance and Standards
EmissionEN 55 015, EN 50081 1
ImmunityEN 81 547
EnvironmentComplies with WEEE and RoHS directives
CECE Marked


DDC135 Wiring Diagram