Square Buttons

The most commonly used interfaces in a lighting control system are the control plates. They are often the only part of the dimming system that the end user regularly sees. With a range of decorative face frames, Apollo Lighting provides switch plates to suit every different decor and scenario. The control plates allow the user to control the system by recalling scenes at the touch of a button. There are various ways of interfacing with the lighting control system.

This range of switch plates provide a choice of functionality from two buttons to an eight button switch plate. All have plastic switches and share the same plug and socket as other switches in the Apollo Lighting DALI switch ranges.

  • DALI 2 Button Switch On and Off
  • DALI 2 Button Switch Up and Down
  • DALI 5 Button Switch
  • DALI 7 Button Switch
  • DALI 8 Button Switch
  • DALI 4 Button Switch