Routers are at the heart of our DALI lighting control systems. They range from a basic single DALI network router, a router with two DALI networks and a router with two DALI networks as well as DMX (input or output) and S-DIM outputs. All routers have a TCP/IP ethernet port allowing communication between routers and also to a graphical user interface that can be integrated with a BMS network. Routers support DALI Emergency and Ethernet I/O.

Router systems are fully expandable up to many thousands of DALI devices, they can be programmed with conditional logic and have an integrated astronomical time clock.

Power for the DALI networks is built into the router so that no external power supplies are required, which simplifies installation.

All the programming of routers is performed through the TCP/IP port.

  • Single DALI Network Router
  • Twin DALI Network DALI Router
  • Twin DALI Network Router with DMX and S-DIM