8 Channel Volt Free Input Unit


The DDC942 input unit is an interface designed to allow customer specified switches, sensors, time clocks or other on / off control devices to be incorporated into a DALI lighting control system. The input unit also accepts inputs from 0–10V analogue control devices. It has 8 volt-free switch inputs which may be either momentary or latching, the resulting action of the input is programmable or may be used as logical condition inputs. Inputs 1–4 may also be configured as 0–10V analogue inputs, permitting, for example, the connection of light sensors to act as scene triggers or as condition inputs.

Key Features

  • Status LED gives visual indication of the current operational mode, either normal operation, initialisation, physical selection or input activation
  • Physical selection switch
  • Can be used with momentary or latching switches
  • Can be used with 0–10V analogue devices
  • Fully programmable with the system software
  • Can be used with time clocks

Order Code

  • DDC942


DDC942 Dimensions
70 90 58


  • The screen connection on this unit must be connected to earth to ensure correct operation
  • No more than 50m of cable should be used btween the actuating switch and the input to the unit
  • The analogue inputs require externally sourced 0–10V DC
  • Shielded cable should be used in electrically noisy environments
Volt Free Connections1–8 inputs (active low)
COM input ground
Voltage on Pins 1–85V nominal with switch open, must be less than 2V switch closed
Over voltage Protection±35V
Short Circuit Current0.5mA maximum
Debouce Period50ms
Analogue Connections1–4 inputs
COM Input Ground
Input Range0–10V
Over Voltage Protection±15V
Input Impedance7.5kΩ
Settling Time10ms
Response Time50ms
DALI Consumption10mA
Ambient Temperature0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature-10°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity90% max, non-condensing
HousingDIN Rail case 70mm wide 4U
IP RatingIP30 (IP00 at connections)
Isolation4kV DALI to Inputs
Compliance and Standards
EmissionEN 55 081
ImmunityEN 61 547
SafetyEN 60 950
EnvironmentComplies with WEEE and RoHS directives
CECE Marked


DDC942 Wiring Diagram