4 Channel 500W DALI Dimmer


The DDC454 is a 4 channel trailing edge dimmer suitable for capacitive and resistive loads and also low voltage lamps with electronic transformers. The dimmer is a DIN rail mounted unit that can control a maximum load of 500W per channel.

Key Features

  • LED segment and push buttons for manual configuration
  • Capable of handling resistive and capacitive loads
  • Wired override inputs to allow for external triggers
  • Voltage and frequency compensation
  • Over current and temperature protection
  • Power on to last level

Additional Functions

The following features may be accessed using the Helvar Designer software:

  • Max/Min levels, Fade times, Scenes and Groups
  • Dimmer status report
  • System failure level/ignore
  • Power on level
  • Power on to last level

Order Code

  • DDC454


  • Single DALI Network Router
  • Twin DALI Network DALI Router
  • Twin DALI Network Router with DMX and S-DIM


DDC454 Dimensions
158 100 58

Installation Notes

  • For installation in a restricted access location only
  • Isolate the mains supply before installation
  • The external mains supply must be protected
  • It is recommended that a 10A Type C MCB is used
  • All DALI and Mains cabling must be 230V mains rated
  • Do not connect DALI or S-DIM / DMX at the same time
  • Install the unit horizontally to allow for heat dissipation
  • Any enclosure must provide adequate cooling and ventilation


DALI connections0.5mm²–1.5mm²
S-DIM / DMX0.22mm²–1.5mm² low loss RS485 Type (multi-stranded, twisted and shielded)
MainsSolid core: up to 4mm²
Stranded 2.5mm²
Note: Functional earth connection used for DALI / S-DIM / DMX screens only
Mains Supply85–264V AC, 45–65Hz
Power Consumption2.3W (excluding loads)
Load Current2.2A (2.2A x 230V = 500W)
4 outputs: 4 x 500W = 2kW
Heat Dissipation11W with maximum load (resistive)
DALI Consumption2mA
External Protection10A Type C MCB Maximum
The external supply must be protected
CommunicationDALI, S-DIM and DMX
OverrideSwitched input
User Interface2 push button for configuration
Ambient Temperature0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature-10°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity90% max, non-condensing
HousingDIN rail case 9U
IP RatingIP30 (IP00 at terminals)
Compliance and Standards
DALIAccording to DALI standard IEC 62386
S-DIMAccording to S-DIM protocol
DMXAccording to DMX512A protocol
EMC EmmissionEN61000-6-3
EMC ImmunityEN 61 547
SafetyEN 60 950
EnvironmentComplies to WEEE and RoHS Directives


DDC454 Wiring Diagram