1 Channel 1000W DALI Dimmer


The DDC452 is a single channel universal dimmer, suitable for leading or trailing edge loads. The dimmer is a DIN rail mounted unit that can control a maximum load of 1000W at 230V.

It can be used in two operating modes, either of which can be used with mains voltage lamps. Trailing edge mode is for use with low voltage lamps with electronic transformers and leading edge mode is for lamps with magnetic transformers, provided the transformers are approved for dimming by their manufacturers. The dimmer is provided with a status LED and a physical selection switch that can be used to identify the device during system configuration.

The dimmer is also provided with an optional addressing switch that allows simple DALI grouping on the device, the default position '0' allows normal grouping with the system software.

Key Features

  • Input voltage compensation ensures stable output levels with fluctuating incoming mains levels
  • Mode selection switch for load selection (leading or trailing edge)
  • Group selection switch for quick and simple programming
  • Over current, power and temperature protection

Additional Functions

The following functions may be programmed using the Helvar Designer software application.

  • Max/Min levels, Fade times*, Scenes* and Groups*
  • Dimmer status report
  • System failure level/ignore
  • Power on level
  • Power on to last level

* These are programmable with the DDC303

Order Code

  • DDC452


  • Single DALI Network Router
  • Twin DALI Network DALI Router
  • Twin DALI Network Router with DMX and S-DIM


DDC452 Dimensions
90 70 58

Installation Notes

  • Check that the operating mode is correct for the installed loads, before changing the operating mode isolate mains supply
  • The external mains supply must be protected. It is recommended that a 6A MCB is used
  • All cabling must be 230V mains rated


DALI ConnectorsRemovable connectors with paired terminals
0.5mm²–1.5mm² stranded or solid core
All cabling must be mains rated
Mains Connections4mm² solid core or 2.5mm² stranded
Supply Voltage85–264V AC, 45–65Hz
External MCB Protection6A
Load Current4.4A (4.4A x 230V = 1000W)
Heat Dissipation7W with maximum load (resistive)
DALI Consumption2mA
Ambient Temperature0°C to 40°C
Relative Humidity90% max, non-condensing
IP RatingIP30 (except connections)
Compliance and Standards
EMC EmissionEN 55 015
EMC ImmunityEN 61 547
SafetyEN 60 950


DDC452 Wiring Diagram