DALI Presence Detector Interface


The DDC441 Occupancy Detector Interface allows connection of other occupancy detectors to a DALI system. The input accepts a volt free normally closed contact. The pre-wired encapsulated circuit board is intended for mounting inside the wiring space of the detector.

The DDC441 includes a 12V DC supply (15mA max) to power the host detector.

All the parameters are programmable from within system software.

Key Features

  • Fits into the wiring space behind the sensor
  • Input for normally closed volt free switches compatible with security sensors
  • Fully programmable using system software

Order Code

  • DDC441


  • Single DALI Network Router
  • Twin DALI Network DALI Router
  • Twin DALI Network Router with DMX and S-DIM


DDC441 Dimensions
50 20 10 110 50

Installation Notes

  • For installation in restricted access locations only
  • All cabling and switches must be 230V mains rated
  • Isolate mains supply before installation
  • Do not extend input cables
  • Insulate unused inputs


Connections0V - Input ground
1 - Sensor input (normally closed)
2 - Do not connect (for future use)
Voltage at 15V nominal with input open,
must be less than 1V closed
Overload Protection±7V
Short-circuit Current0.5mA maximum
Debounce period50ms
ConnectionsRibbon cable terminated with 7 ferrules
Ferrule pin = 1.2mm diameter
To avoid interference problems, switch terminals should not be extended
Sensor Supply12V at 15mA maximum (non-isolated)
0V supply, common to input 0V
DALI Consumption10mA + sensor supply (total to be less than 25mA)
Ambient Temperature-20°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature-10°C to +70°C
Relative Humidity90% max, non-condensing
HousingEncapsulated printed circuit board
IP RatingIP20
Compliance and Standards
EMC ImmunityEN61547
EMC EmissionsEN55015
SafetyEN 60 950
EnvironmentComplies with WEEE and RoHS directives


DDC441 Wiring Diagram