Compact Recessed DALI Multi Detector


The DDC312 multisensor is a compact unit containing sensors to provide energy saving functions when used in a DALI system. It contains a photocell, a passive infrared occupancy detector and an infrared receiver to receive commands via infrared remote control.

The light sensor measures the room's ambient light level. The PIR detector enables the system to detect when an area is occupied.


  • Presence detection has a default timeout of 20 minutes
  • Programmable constant light control for energy efficiency
  • Complete control using the hand held infrared remote control DDC303
  • A local switch can be connected to provide on / off and a manual dimming function
  • The DDC312 programmable functions can be set using 5 DIL switches at the back of the unit
  • These DIL switches can be overridden remotely using system software
  • The coverage restrictor can be fitted to the light sensor for more precise control

Additional Functions

A remote control handset can program most functions, software will give full system control. When multiple linked presence detectors are connected in one system, they will communicate with each other and switch off loads when all sensors do not detect occupancy. The automatic on / off sequence of the presence detection system has three programmable steps (on, intermediate, off).

Order Code

  • DDC312


  • Infrared Remote Control for DALI Networks
  • Single DALI Network Router
  • Twin DALI Network DALI Router
  • Twin DALI Network Router with DMX and S-DIM


Constant Light Coverage without restrictor

A H1 W2 H2 W1
A H1 H2 W1 W2
100° 3.0m 0.8m 7.1m 5.2m

Constant Light Coverage with restrictor

40° 3.0m 2.1m

Presence Detection Coverage

A H1 H2 W
A H1 H2 W
85° 3.0m 0.5m 4.5m


DDC312 Dimensions
65 52


DALIRemoveable connector block
0.5mm²–1.5mm² solid or stranded
Local Control2 wires
0.5mm²–1.5mm² solid or stranded
Maximum length = 50m
Cable RatingAll cables must be mains rated
DALI Supply13–22.5V
DALI Consumption15mA
Material (casing)
Finish / ColourMatt White UL94V Nylon
Weight48g without shroud, 54g with shroud
Ambient Temperature0°C to 50°C
Relative HumidityMax 90%, non-condensating
Storage Temperature-10°C to 70°C
Conformity and Standards
EMC ImmunityEN55015
EMC EmmissionsEN61547
EnvironmentComplies with WEEE and RoHS directives