DALI Networks

Here you can find information on our DALI systems, they range from small, stand alone systems to large scale systems which can cover multiple buildings, have integration with BMS installations and offer remote monitoring of emergency lighting.

Basic Router Network

This covers a single router system offering either a single or twin DALI networks. Includes support for advanced settings with time clocks and conditional logic.

Standard Router Network

The standard router system offers all the benefits of a Basic router system but can cover a large DALI network with a TCP/IP connection between routers. Up to 100 routers can be connected on to a single TCP/IP network. The router network can interface with third party devices through Ethernet I/O. Apollo Lighting can supply drivers and control gear for use with the Tridian network for interfacing with Building Management Systems.

Advanced Router Network

The Advanced Router Network includes all the benefits of the Standard Router system but adds support for DMX in or out. Adding DMX allows the DDC920 router to control colour change units or accept DMX signals when providing systems to entertainment venues with a requirement to control the installed lighting from the theatre lighting controls.