Programmable Colour Change Controller


The RGBBC is a DMX-512 compatible lighting controller designed for use in many varied applications such as bars and restaurants as well as many architectural projects where colour change fittings are being used.

The controller has 10 buttons, each of which can be programmed to recall a scene or sequence making it a very simple controller to operate.

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RGBBC Dimensions
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The unit is easily programmed through a USB type 'B' connection on the bottom of the unit. The downloadable software is simple to use and the programming of the unit is straight forward with minimal training required.

Using the downloadable software you can set the following

  • How many DMX channels or addresses are to be used (between 16 and 192 addresses)
  • Rename individual channels to assist with programming
  • Set scenes with individual DMX values for each scene
  • Enter channel values in percentage or DMX value
  • Set channel values with a slider or typing in the individual value
  • Set up sequences of scenes created
  • Set fade times for all or individual scenes or sequences
  • Copy scenes for editing
  • Name scenes and sequences
  • Assign scenes or sequences to individual buttons
  • Connect to more than one unit at once
  • Run live output to view what is being programmed


USB Specification2.0
USB ConnectionUSB-B
DMX ConnectionScrew Terminals
DMX Channels192 Maximum
Operating Temperature10°C to 50°C
Supply Voltage6–9V DC
Separate power supply included
Compatible Operating SystemWindows XP / Vista / 7


RGBBC Wiring Diagram