Wall Mounted Flexline Controller


Compact wall mounted controller for control of our Flexline RGB LED tape. Allows user control over colour, fade speed and dimmer. This contoller also has two scene recall and memorise buttons. Ideal for creating the perfect mood in hotels, restaurants and other commercial environments.

Main Features

  • User friendly controller perfect for mood creation in a variety of applications
  • 4 channels of control (R, G, B, Dimmer) DMX output
  • One control for Fade / Colour
  • One control for Speed / Dimmer
  • Two scene recall and save buttons
  • Stand by blackout button

Order Code



FLICON1 Dimensions
84 83 40


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  • Set the positions of the Fade/Colour control at fade, the LED fittings are in fade function, use the Speed/Dimmer control to adjust the speed
  • Set the Fade/Colour control from red through white to choose the colour, use the Speed/Dimmer control to adjust the intensity
  • Set a scene and hold either the M1 or M2 buttons, the LED blinks to indicate that the scene is stored correctly, a short press on either M1 or M2 will recall that scene
  • Press Standby to turn off the connected Flexline LEDs


Power Input12V DC (supplied from dedicated driver)
TerminalsDMX Data +, DMX Data -, Ground, 0V & 12V DC
MountingSuitable for installation on a 72mm x 72mm BS box (not supplied)


FLICON1 Wiring Diagram