Infrared Remote Control for DALI Networks


The DDC303 infrared remote control is fully compatible with all our DALI networks. All the switch plates are equipped with an integral receiver which allows them to be used in conjunction with this unit.

The remote control is a handheld unit and is fitted with 7 buttons which can be used to control basic system functions such as on/off, raising and lowering the general illumination level and the selection of up to four scenes.

The seven buttons can also be used to provide basic programming functions for a stand alone DALI network. This includes creating and adding to groups and setting preset levels or scenes.

Key Features

  • Controls basic system functions
  • Excellent programming tool for simple stand alone DALI networks
  • Up to four lighting groups may be programmed
  • Can be used for setting and fade time during scene changes

Additional Features

  • Remote controls may be individually addressed permitting the use of multiple handsets and receivers within one area, without interference
  • Can control up to four lighting groups; on/off/up/down

Order Code

  • DDC303


DDC303 Dimensions
119 57 28


Power Supply2 x IEC, LR03/AAA 1.5V Battery
Ambient Temperature0°C to 40°C
Relative Humidity90% max, non-condensing
Storage Temperature-10°C to 70°C
Infrared Range7m
with ±22.5° angle to switch plates
with ±63° angle to Multi Sensors
Operating Frequency36kHz
HousingMatt dark grey, non-flammable polycarbonate, halogen free