Basic Programming Handset


The ASENS-TRC is a compact infrared handset used for basic programming of many of our integral and stand alone detectors.

The handset must be aimed directly at the device which requires control or programming. When programming a device it is only necessary to point the handset when uploading a new setting.

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Replacing the Battery

The battery compartment is located on the bottom edge of the handset.

  1. Release the cover from the back of the remote
  2. Lift out the battery from the holder and insert a replacement battery, ensuring the correct polarity
  3. Place the back in to the handset, ensuring the device is secure

Cleaning the Handset

The exterior of the handset can be cleaned by using a damp cloth. Stubborn marks may be removed by using a mild detergent.


  • Flush Mounted Passive Infrared Occupancy Detector
  • Flush Mounted Passive Infrared Dimming Detector


ASENS-TRC Dimensions
7.2 86.5 40.5


The following parameters can be set using the ASENS-TRC.

ONSwitches luminaire on and deactivates regulation
OFFSwitches luminaire off
Dim upIncrease current dimming level
Dim downDecrease current dimming level
Automatic ModeSwitch luminaire on or change to automatic mode and activate light regulation
Set Current Light LevelStore the level currently measured by the sensor as the target value for constant light control, press for more than three seconds

This handset may include settings that are not used on the device being programmed.


Battery3V DC lithium battery
CR2025 (supplied with the unit)
Infrared Range5m
Temperature0°C to 60°C