Smart Programming Handset


This remote control is a compact infrared handset used for the operation, configuration and programming of our ASENS detector ranges which have the ability to be programmed via infrared.

Programming is achieved by selecting the parameter to be programmed from the appropriate menu and then transmitting the setting to the target device by pressing the send button.

The Programmer can be used to make parameter settings on the detector or read out the currently stored parameters. The programmer also offers additional functions when used in combination with the detector:

  • Monitoring of installation parameters such as the currently measured LUX value
  • Remote control function (switch lighting on and off)
  • Commissioning test
  • Functions such as light level, time delay, P.I.R., bright-out, power up
    • Features

      • Power on/off
      • Light Level Control
      • Time Delay
      • PIR Active/Inactive/Off
      • 10% dimming start
      • PTM settings
      • DSI / DALI DSI settings
      • Offset Mode
      • Offset Value
      • Monitoring
      • System Testing

      Order Code

      • ASENS-TCHS


Replacing the Battery

The battery compartment is located on the back of the handset.

  1. Release the cover from the back of the remote
  2. Lift out the battery from the holder and insert a replacement batteries, ensuring the correct polarity
  3. Place the back in to the handset, ensuring the device is secure

Cleaning the Handset

The exterior of the handset can be cleaned by using a damp cloth. Stubborn marks may be removed by using a mild detergent.


  • Flush Mounted Passive Infrared Occupancy Detector
  • Flush Mounted Passive Infrared Dimming Detector


ASENS-TCHS Dimensions
22.5 180 110


The ASENS-TCHS Programmer is menu operated by using six buttons. The menu legends are in English.


The current menu item is shown on the first line of the LCD display. The lower line, the status bar, shows the possible settings for the menu item in question; the current status and any error messages are displayed on this line in the case of data transmission.


Escape buttonA short keypress switches the ASENS-TCHS Programmer on. A long keypress switches the device off. When the ASENS-TCHS Programmer is switched on, a short keypress causes the program to switch to the next highest menu item
Select buttonPressing the Select button selects the menu shown on the display
Arrow buttonsThe Up/Down buttons are used to navigate between the various options for the selected menu item. Keeping the buttons depressed makes the device jump automatically from one item to the next
Send buttonThe Send button is used to transfer data to the DSI-SMART (PTM)/basicDIM ILD
Read buttonThe Read button reads the current settings of the DSI-SMART (PTM)/basicDIM ILD into the DSISMART Programmer


Battery1.5V DC Alkaline cells
4xAA (supplied with the unit)
Infrared Range5m
Temperature0°C to 60°C