Single Mounting Frame for Square Button Switches


This switch cover is used in conjunction with the entire range of DDC switches with square buttons. It consists of a metal frame and a metal cover. The metal cover is available in a choice of White Metal, Stainless Steel or Polished Brass finish. The switch units simply clip in to the metal frame. It is a simple operation to change switch plates without the need to remove the metal frame from the back box. The front frame securely clips on to the rear frame providing a fixingless front which adds to the overall aesthetics of the switch. The frame has a protective earth connection.

This frame is designed to house a single switch unit, the metal frame fits a standard single gang deep back box. The frame has a protective earth connection.

Order Codes

  • DDC231S : Polished Brass finish
  • DDC232S : Stainless Steel finish
  • DDC234S : White Metal finish


DDC23xS Dimensions
86 86


  • DALI 2 Button Switch On and Off
  • DALI 2 Button Switch Up and Down
  • DALI 5 Button Switch
  • DALI 7 Button Switch
  • DALI 8 Button Switch
  • DALI 4 Button Switch
  • Wall Mounted DALI Passive Infrared Detector