Double Mounting Frame for Round Button Switches


This switch cover is used in conjunction with the entire range of DDC switches and sliders with round buttons. It consists of a metal back frame and a white plastic front cover. The switch simply clips in to the metal frame. It is a simple operation to change switch plates without the need to remove the metal frame from the back box. The front frame is designed to be used in conjunction with recessed back boxes and it simply clicks on to the metal frame. All the frames come with a protective earth connection.

The DDC200D is designed to house three switch units, the metal frame fits a standard double gang deep back box. Any combination of switch plates can be mounted in the DDC200D.

Order Code

  • DDC200D


DDC200D Dimensions
160 88


  • DALI Rotary Controller With Push Switch
  • DALI Single Slider
  • DALI Twin Slider
  • DALI 2 Button Switch On and Off
  • DALI 2 Button Switch Up and Down
  • DALI 5 Button Switch
  • DALI 7 Button Switch
  • DALI 8 Button Switch
  • DALI Blank Switch Module
  • DALI Infrared Receiver Switch Module