Our Controls

Apollo Lighting offer a wide range of lighting control solutions from simple systems to large scale, fully integrated systems for multiple buildings.

From a simple single dimmer switch you can be assured that Apollo Lighting can fulfil your requirements. This site shows a selection of controls and solutions for typical installations for a variety of applications.

With the ever increasing pressure to reduce energy consumption, lighting controls offer significant savings and advantages over standard electrical installations. More and more lighting control systems are being installed in every application of commercial, healthcare, education and sports lighting environments. Installing lighting control systems not only reduce energy consumption but add to the comfort of the end user.


Using energy efficient luminaires and light sources is just one part of a solution for reducing the total energy consumption of a building. Reducing wasted light by automatic control is a simple way to maximise energy saving without compromising on lighting design.

Lighting solutions are designed to offer the best possible illumination, in the right place, at the right time.

Types Of Controls

  • On and Off
  • Time Based
  • Occupancy Based
  • Dimming
  • Light Level Based
  • Creative